My Spiritual journey was a lot like Peterís. I didnít seem to grow spiritually until I learned to get out of the boat. Since that time I have learned what it means to actually walk on water. Walking on water happens only when we focus on Jesus Christ. When we focus on what we have done and what we can accomplish, when the storms come in life, which they always do, we have already taken our eyes off of Christ and placed them on the magnitude of the storm and then, we like Peter begin to sink. My life was no different than Peterís. Many times I have taken my eyes off of Jesus and placed them on my own accomplishments. Hey look at me Iím walking on water so to speak, and then it comes the proverbial storm, and then without fail I begin to sink. Another thing that keeps us from walking on water is focusing on the storms in life. The storms will always come because it is how we handle the storms that determine if we will experience walking on water. Walking on water is no different than God using Moses to part the Red Sea. Both required a leap of faith and you getting your feet wet.  These are stories that teach you what happens when you dare to get your feet wet.


Six years ago my husband and I decided to step forward in faith and start the Lighthouse Outreach Center and thus began my experience of walking on water.


I would like to dedicate this book to all those unsung heroes, my volunteers, that hang out at the Lighthouse Outreach Center (itís addicting you know). They encouraged me to write down all my awesome stories. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those that listened to the call of the Holy Spirit and joined us in this venture.  They often times were the answers of many of my prayers. Thank you with all my heart, as without you I could not have grown spiritually.


 I would also like to thank all our restaurants, and food suppliers, those feeling impressed to just donate the food you also were answers to prayer, without you this mission would not be.


I would like to thank all of our churches that one by one caught the vision and joined with us to feed the poor and down and out of Charlotte County. Without you this mission would not be possible.


I would also like to dedicate this book to Ana Romillo who shared the love for the homeless and poor and my vision of what I wanted to create and gave us a home for our feeding and outreach programs.


I would also like to thank the Port Charlotte Seventh Day Adventist Church members for seeing our vision and supporting us both financially and with volunteers. Without them this would have been just a dream.


The biggest thank you goes to God, my Heavenly Father, who uses me daily to do awesome things, and through them continues to teach me new lessons each day. To You I will be forever grateful as, You after all, are the best  provider. You not only call us, you equip us!                         

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