She would take their laundry home for them and do it for them. She teamed up with us to help us feed the homeless until we finally had a place for them to come to on their own. When her sister died her memorial service was held at the Lighthouse. The homeless had so much respect for her that the place was full, everyone wanting to do their part to give back to Teresa for all she had done for them. When my Dad was dying he loved coming down to the beach when our musicians were there and the homeless brought their instruments as well. Just before he died Teresa , James Paul and Jeff  two of our homeless friends came to play my Dad home as we all sang I'll fly away, and I've been redeemed. That was the last time my Dad was out of bed. This was on a Friday. My Dad died the following Monday.



Teresa of the CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association)


Shortly after this as we were feeding on the beach, we discussed with Ana Romillo and Paula Wellman how we really needed a building to feed the homeless a place where the poor could come as well. Ana, at that time, needed a bigger place with more offices. Clarence, my husband, shared with Ana the very building that we had first looked at 8 long months ago on the main drag. Ana liked it and rented it. Our God is awesome! He kept that building vacant for 8 long months until we could meet just the right people, but in reality He was molding us for the hard work He had before us. He was changing our motives, our thoughts and our feelings. He was teaching us patience and endurance and equipping us for the bigger storms that would now be in place. Storms that would seem too big to over come if we looked at the storms, instead of focusing on the one that had led us thus far, Jesus Christ.

Ana Romillo and the Homeless Coalition partnered with our church the Port Charlotte seventh Day Adventist Church to give us a place to meet the desires of our hearts, a place to feed the poor and homeless. We were so excited. We thought all our problems were solved, but this was only the beginning. Ana would use the offices during the day, then we would use the facility after they were done.

We began by remodeling the place. Our church members and my son Tony met one Sunday in April and in two days had the walls put up and had the place painted. On the second day, Bill Seth one of our members got something in his eye while he was working to help put up the walls. No amount of blinking or cleansing his eye could get out the particles. We were down to just a few members left that had stayed and we really needed Bill's help. He left to go to an eye doctor and we began to pray.


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